By: 20 June 2014
Hensler Bone Press – efficient during fusion procedures

The Hensler Bone Press (HBP) is an innovative device which maximizes the collection and separation of autologous bone during fusion procedures. The product quickly and efficiently separates bone from fluid during surgery, which yields a semi-dry graft-ready material for fusion procedures. The press head has been highly engineered and tested to maximize the proficient separation of autologous bone from blood.

The HBP is also used for the STERILE collection of abnormal tissue, such as malignant tumors, when used as an auxiliary device attached to the evacuation tubing of an ultrasonic device.

The HBP employs a proven two-step method, as to allow little to no interruption of the case for both applications of use. This process of bone collection and separation for fusion cases has been simplified to allow the surgeon and/or assist to maintain efforts on the surgery, while producing a favourable and mouldable graft for use as the surgeon desires, such as interbody or on-lay fusion.