By: 20 June 2014
New knee brace revolutionises Osteo-Arthritis treatment

Manufactured by Bledsoe, the Legacy Thruster Knee Brace from Chaneco is changing the way clinicians look at treating patients with Osteo-Arthritis of the knee.

Various studies into the effectiveness of this brace have proved that the Legacy Thruster significantly reduces pain caused by OA. Use of this brace considerably extends the time before invasive surgery is required.

In a study* of 5 patients with symptomatic unicompartmental osteoarthritis, the Legacy Thruster outperformed the four other osteoarthritic knee braces in every area of the study, making it an option that clinicians cannot afford to ignore.

*“In Vivo Three-Dimensional Determination of the Effectiveness of the Osteoarthritic Knee Brace: A Multiple Brace Analysis” Matthew C.Nadaud,
Richard D. Komistek, Mohammed R. Mahfouz, Douglas A. Dennis and Matthew R. Anderle J Bone Joint Surg Am. 87:114-119, 2005. doi: 10.2106/JBJS.E.00482