By: 20 June 2014
SpeedBridge® – Knotless Transosseous Equivalent Rotator Cuff Repair

The Arthrex SpeedBridge Knotless Technique for repair of a rotator cuff tear includes fully threaded SwiveLock® anchors combined with FiberTape® to create a quick and secure construct with no knots and only two suture passing steps. The result is a low profile, transosseous equivalent “suturebridge” that enhances footprint compression to maximise contact between tendon and bone.

The SpeedBridge utilises FiberTape which provides three times the contact area compared to a standard #2 FiberWire® providing a broad footprint which can be helpful for repairs in degenerative cuff tissue where suture pull through may be a concern. The SwiveLock anchor has the highest fixation strength on the market and is available in BioComposite, Bio, Titanium and PEEK options. Convenience Packs are available which contain all the items required to complete the SpeedBridge repair, all in one easy to use, cost saving, pre-sterile pack.