By: 30 October 2014
CoolCut CaliBlator – A new curve in anatomical ACL reconstruction

Anatomic socket placement is paramount to successful ACL reconstruction. Despite extensive research on the location of the native ACL, identification and referencing of the ACL footprint and bony landmarks can be difficult in a live arthroscopic setting. The direct measurement technique has been shown to reproducibly locate the average centre of the native ACL in a surgical setting.

The CaliBlator further simplifies direct measurement by allowing surgeons to arthroscopically measure the femur and tibia and mark desired guide pin location for reference. The unique curvature of the CaliBlator fits around the femoral notch and tibial plateau, while the numbered graduations facilitate intra-articular measurement. The tip provides sufficient surface area for pin-pointed debridement of soft tissue, while allowing adequate low-power ablation to effectively “mark” tissue and bone for accurate guided-pin referencing. The mark can then be referenced for FlipCutter guide placement or with a standard guide pin and Low Profile Reamer through the anteromedial portal.

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