By: 6 October 2014
New LED illumination for medical loupes from ZEISS

llumination resembling daylight, an evenly illuminated treatment field, a long battery life also for extensive working days and a high wearing comfort – EyeMag Light II, the new LED illumination for medical loupes from ZEISS provides considerable enhancements for everyday surgical routines. The new generation of medical loupe illumination that is perfectly matched to the entire medical loupe portfolio from ZEISS offers users a brightly illuminated treatment field and high-quality, high-contrast images.

“The new LED light supports our customers in achieving an optimal treatment outcome by combining high-precision detail recognition with high wearing comfort,” says Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. It remedies problems such as uneven illumination and insufficient brightness.

The combination of medical loupe and illumination can be quickly adapted to the doctor’s current treatment position, therefore enabling a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position and relaxed work.