By: 12 February 2015
Thomas Glenn – Hip replacement case study

Name: Thomas Glenn

Age: 60

Profession: Engineer; manager for an international company

Location: Originally from Canada; moved to UK in 2011


Thomas’s hip had been gradually deteriorating over the past ten years, limiting his ability to walk, cycle or exercise for long periods of time. He underwent an anterior approach hip-replacement surgery, with a planned CT scan beforehand, to correct the problem. Six weeks after the procedure, he had fully recovered.

Case Study Notes


Thomas had always enjoyed a very active lifestyle, in particular walking and hiking with his family, or cycling his bike around England. His hip had been deteriorating over the past ten years and he had been unable to receive an accurate diagnosis from his general practitioner in Canada. About three years ago, Thomas began to hear popping noises coming from his hip, and felt that the discomfort and pain he felt was becoming worse. At only 60 years old, he was keen to resolve the problem with a minimal recovery period, to get back to doing the things he loves.