By: 23 March 2015
Orthopedics Illustrated (second edition) – Book reviews

Orthopedics Illustrated (second edition) – Book reviews

Orthopedics Illustrated (second edition). A revision aid for postgraduates

Author: R.K. Gupta
Publisher: JP Medical Ltd
Price: £48.00
ISBN: 978-9-3502510-9-6

Orthopedics Illustrated is extremely informative and up-to-date, as well as being very stylishly written and neatly designed. The reading is made interesting with the use of thought-provoking illustrative diagrams and self-explanatory flow charts.

This updated new edition, published in 2013, brings together new concepts to substitute the standard textbooks of orthopaedics with a simple to understand revision book. Orthopedics Illustrated provides the maximum material in minimum time.

Orthopedics Illustrated is 248 pages long, divided into two sections: the first part describes traumatic orthopaedics (fractures, dislocations, etc.), whereas the second part covers non-traumatic orthopaedics (bone tumour, bone tuberculosis, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, etc.). Tumours and nerves are given in simplified form.

This edition includes a new chapter on prostheses, instruments, orthoses and physiotherapy, giving readers an understanding of the essential features of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

We recommend this highly illustrated second edition as a revision aid for postgraduate students.