By: 7 July 2017
New PALAMIX vacuum mixing system for bone cement optimises organisation of orthopaedic surgery

The next generation of PALAMIX allows a high degree of convenience in handling and for OT-organisation.

More efficient organisation of hip and knee joint surgery are just a few of the advantages of the new PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system from Heraeus Medical. The new generation makes mixing and application of bone cement even easier and more convenient for permanent anchorage of hip and knee joint prostheses.


Mixing and collecting under vacuum

Both mixing of the cement components and collecting the cement take place under vacuum. After mixing, the cement is automatically driven to the tip of the cartridge and compacted. This simplifies and accelerates the application process. The result is a homogeneously mixed bone cement without trapped air and therefore free of micropores – an essential success factor in modern cementing technique for longer survival rates for the hip or knee joint.


Safety and convenience for personnel and patients

The innovative design of PALAMIX allows a high degree of safety and convenience for both personnel and patients: PALAMIX has a filling funnel with two separate sections for powder and liquid. A particle filter in the liquid chamber offers protection against glass particles in the bone cement. This avoids injuries and impairment of the cement’s mechanical quality. PALAMIX is easy to operate and its handling is quick and easy to learn.


One size for different procedures

The new PALAMIX vacuum mixing system is offered in one size: up to 80g cement in PALAMIX uno (one cartridge) or up to 160g cement in PALAMIX duo (two cartridges). So one vacuum mixing system meets the needs of different procedures. This ensures more efficient organisation of surgery, improved storage planning and lower storage costs.

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