By: 26 July 2018
Arthrex medical education rolling into BESS


On 20 June 2018, the British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) celebrated its 30th anniversary at the annual conference, held this year at the SEC Centre in Glasgow. Arthrex UK were once again proud to be Platinum BESS sponsors and showcased dynamic medical education direct from the MobileLab with three impressive cadaveric demonstrations, linked live to the Boisdale room.

More than 100 guests witnessed Mr Andrew Brooksbank (Glasgow) demonstrating the use of the Short 2.9mm BioComposite PushLock anchors with LabralTape in a lateral decubitus position for anterior instability. These small instability anchors allow minimal bone removal with maximal pull out strength and the smooth 1.5mm LabralTape provides a wide footprint for the knotless repair.

Arthrex were privileged to have this year’s Presidential guest lecturer Dr Peter Millett (Steadman Clinic, USA) demonstrating a highly skilful and innovative way to fix the glenoid side of a Superior Capsular Reconstruction, using 3mm BioComposite SutureTak anchors and the newly released 3.9mm Knotless Corkscrew. Dr Millett inserted an ArthroFLEX graft with an externally tied knot and pushed the graft in with a knot-pusher. The remaining corners were then secured by passing sutures using the Scorpion SL suture passer before loading them into the innovative self-locking suture found in the Knotless Corkscrew anchor. This technique allows an almost fully knotless repair and addresses some concerns that surgeons may have with suture management during an SCR. Dr Millett then achieved humeral fixation using the SpeedBridge convenience pack.

Finally, Mr Matthew Ravenscroft (Manchester) showed the steps he takes to get great access to the glenoid during reverse shoulder arthroplasty cases. The case involved a novel delta-pectoral approach to revise an Arthrex ECLIPSE stemless anatomical prosthesis with a Universal Glenoid baseplate to an Arthrex Universe Revers prosthesis. The Universal Glenoid’s metal back design allows quick removal of the poly glenoid liner, which can then be easily replaced with the Univers Revers glenosphere.

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