By: 12 November 2018
Arthrex product features

Synergy MSK ultrasound scanner

The Synergy MSK ultrasound scanner’s limitless portability stems from its cordless design. Simply launch the Clarius App for Synergy MSK ultrasound to create a secure direct Wi-Fi connection with iOS or Android mobile devices. This gives you the ability to perform quick diagnostic MSK (musculoskeletal) studies and procedures requiring needle guidance.  Synergy MSK ultrasound uses advanced technology to display high-resolution images with a simple, intuitive touchscreen user interface. The application comes with pre-set MSK examination settings to optimise workflow as well as the ability to make quick adjustments to both gain and depth, to customise images based on the patient’s anatomy.


ACP Tendo

Arthrex ACP Tendo provides a novel, patient-friendly and easy-to-use treatment for tendinopathies. It combines the advantages of autologous conditioned plasma (ACP) with the benefits of an innovative scaffold material, Vergenix STR. Vergenix STR, produced by a proprietary manufacturing process, is a recombinant human collagen extracted from tobacco plants. The combination with ACP creates a growth factor depot, enabling a prolonged release of growth factors to the injury site, and can promote hemostasis, tissue renewal and regeneration.


  • Innovative technology – Vergenix STR rhCollagen brings advantages to tissue-extracted collagen
  • Growth factor depot – elevated levels of growth factors for a prolonged time
  • Single injection – less pain for the patient


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