By: 19 December 2018
24 January 2019, NIHR MedTech Foundation National Meeting; Leeds

Open to all: Clinicians, academics, industry, trainees, researchers and students from all specialties!

You are invited our MedTech Foundation National Expansion Meeting at Horizon Leeds on the 24th of January 2019. The MedTech Foundation is our engagement initiative for university students, early career researchers and clinicians. This initiative is supported by the Surgical MIC Management Team, but driven by an interdisciplinary group of students and trainees from healthcare, engineering, physics, chemistry, product design and business. Each year, the collaborative delivers an educational Innovation Programme and organises several research and industry internships, giving its members enhanced training and opportunities to engage with real-world medtech innovation.

We believe instilling these skills and interdisciplinary ethos in the next generation of clinicians, scientists, researchers and industry representatives is vital if we are to improve the translation of technologies for patient benefit. We aim to expand the benefits of the MedTech Foundation to other institutes and MICs nationally and already have begun expanding to Cambridge, Birmingham, Warwick and Kings College London.

We hope you and your team can attend and join other members of the MIC national network as we showcase the work of the MedTech Foundation members and discuss ways of taking this initiative forward collaboratively.

Full programme is available shortly but highlights include keynote speakers from surgical innovation, engineering and industry as well as several students and trainees from across the country showcasing their collaborative medtech innovation projects. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get involved, discussing how to further engage students and trainees across nationally.

Key benefits of engaging with the MedTech Foundation include:

1. Internship opportunities- many are funded, some international.
2. Networking and contacts assistance- help identifying industry and supervisor contacts to take YOUR project to the next level.
3. Competitions and Awards- unique access to opportunities to present and publish your work: Excellent CV building activities.
4. Join a growing national network of students and trainees working on medtech innovation right now!

For more information and to book, visit: