By: 16 January 2019
Arthrex product features


FlushPort hand instruments

The Arthrex hand instruments with FlushPort connection are designed for easy and efficient instrument cleaning. This unique design allows optimised cleaning of the inner lumen of the instruments. The familiar LuerLock connector offers the possibility of a simple connection of the instruments to, for example, the rinsing port of a washer-disinfector. A cap is available to lock the LuerLock during standard use. This is another example of Arthrex’s commitment to innovation and ‘Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better’TM.

Meniscal CinchTM II device

The Meniscal Cinch II device brings a new level of simplicity and safety to all-inside meniscal repair. It allows true one-handed use with minimal deployment steps. The low-profile needle deploys small implants with limited needle exposure. The low-profile # 2-0 FibreWire suture with a pre-tied knot tensions easily and facilitates secure vertical or horizontal suture repairs. The use of a knot pusher/suture cutter finalises the procedure by ensuring most efficient repair tensioning and knot placement.

DynaNiteTM Nitinol staple

The DynaNite Nitinol staple is a low-profile implant that provides exceptional compressive fixation with easy-to-use instrumentation. The Arthrex DynaNite Nitinol staple is intended to be used for fixation procedures such as Lisfranc arthrodesis, monocortical or bicortical osteotomies in the forefoot, first metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis, Akin osteotomy, midfoot and hindfoot arthrodeses or osteotomies, osteotomies for hallux valgus treatment (scarf andchevron), and arthrodesis of the metatarsocuneiform joint to reposition andstabilise metatarsus primus varus.

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