By: 13 May 2019
Arthrex product news

Univers™ Apex

The Univers Apex represents the evolution of Arthrex Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Systems. The Univers Apex introduces advanced features important in the treatment of all total shoulder patients, while maintaining all of the in situ variable adjustment capabilities of the Univers II total shoulder system (inclination, version and head offset). The reduced diaphyseal stem length, rectangular stem body and removable trunion optimise stem removal and therefore revisability. In addition, strategically incorporated suture eyelets allow for unique subscapularis repair options. 

The Univers Apex system is compatible with the entire Univers glenoid family (pegged, keeled and Univers VaultLock® glenoid), as well as with the Univers II Humeral Head and CA Head options. With the Arthrex focus on intraoperative adaptability, the Apex restores normal patient glenohumeral anatomy in a stable, press-fit solution, while enabling efficient and bone-conserving removal, when necessary.

DX FiberTak®

The DX FiberTak anchor is a small, soft suture anchor that can be inserted into a 1.35mm drill hole. The DX FiberTak anchor is preloaded with a #1 FiberWire suture and needles for use in open procedures. The FiberTak anchor’s shorter sheath allows for both a shallower drill depth and a smaller diameter K‐wire leading to less bone removal, while having equivalent pull‐
out strength to the 3.0mm SutureTak anchor.

Meniscal CinchTM II

The Meniscal Cinch II device brings a new level of simplicity and safety to all-inside meniscal repair. It allows true one-handed use with minimal deployment steps. The low-profile needle deploys small implants with limited needle exposure. The low-profile # 2-0 FibreWire suture with a pre-tied knot tensions easily and facilitates secure vertical or horizontal suture repairs. The use of a knot pusher/suture cutter finalises the procedure by ensuring the most efficient repair tensioning and knot placement. 

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