By: 17 May 2019
Book review: The direct anterior approach to hip reconstruction

Authors: B Sonny Bal, Lee E Rubin, and Kristaps J Keggi

Publishers: Slack incorporated 2016, 1st edition

The direct anterior approach to hip reconstruction is a comprehensive reference text that addresses contemporary surgeon interest in innovation and less invasive surgery. This resource will help with introductory learning, intermediate technical development, and advanced revision total hip skills using the direct anterior technique. 

The contents look at basic concepts: Surgical hip anatomy, patient selection, and placement of single, multiple, and extensile incisions for primary total hip arthroplasty.

Intermediate concepts: Adoption of imaging and navigation technologies, use of traction tables to enhance positioning, and presentation of unique instruments and custom devices that have evolved specifically for the direct anterior approach.

Advanced concepts: Using the direct anterior approach for bearing and liner exchanges, acetabular revisions, femoral component revisions, and both component revisions.

The direct anterior approach to hip reconstruction provides a stepwise learning process for surgeons interested in mastering total hip arthroplasty using the direct anterior approach, with detailed chapters and video instruction, contributed by a distinguished group of international experts in the field.

This resource should be invaluable to orthopaedic surgeons worldwide and will contribute to improving patient safety, reducing complications, and better surgical outcomes. Indeed, this landmark publication is truly the world’s first comprehensive text on anterior hip surgery.