By: 10 January 2020
Book review – Medical CV writing guide

Publisher: Oxford Medical Training; 2nd edition (2017)
Available as hard copy and in electronic downloadable format

This is a step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to write and develop a powerful medical CV, for doctors of all grades and specialities.

The book is written by a NHS consultant who has expertise in career development for doctors at all levels.

The book guides you through the format and presentation of a medical CV at all stages of your career, from junior doctor to a consultant post. It contains a detailed breakdown for each section of your CV. It also explains how to improve the contents of your CV with plenty of demonstration CV templates for each section.

The guide finishes with a sample CV template to be used as a framework to support the reader in gathering and presenting a well-prepared CV that can pass the candidates through the short-listing stage.

As you work through the book you are guided through the process of creating a water-tight document that is the stepping stone to a successful interview, and therefore would be a recommended resource to all doctors preparing for a job interview.

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