By: 28 January 2020
Innovative new knee brace already showing fantastic results

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Global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics, Össur, recently launched the next generation of their revolutionary knee brace, the Unloader One X


According to NICE guidelines, in the UK “approximately 8.5 million people have painful joints attributed to osteoarthritis. People with osteoarthritis have joint pain, stiffness, reduced participation in daily activities and poor quality of life”. (

With more than fifteen clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy, Unloader improves mobility by providing pain relief from knee osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears. It features Össur’s unique patented and clinically proven 3-point leverage system that generates unicompartmental unloading of the knee joint.

Össur work with clinics across the UK that offer a professional fitting service of an Unloader brace, including Chris Havelock, who runs a Sleaford-based clinic, Chris Havelock Osteopathy & Rehabilitation.

On Friday, 18 October 2019, the MSK Doctor’s clinic was the first private clinic in the UK to fit a patient with the new Unloader One X brace.

Peter Gill, a representative of Össur, was present to demonstrate a fitting and explain the developed design features, including: an optimised calf strap for less migration, progressive DFS resistance for improved comfort and that it is one-hundred grams lighter that the Unloader One. The brace has been designed with patient compliance in mind, improving mobility and providing pain relief.

The first patient in the UK to be custom fitted with the Unloader brace; Tracy, was suffering severely with knee pain which had deteriorated to such an extent it was affecting her ability to do her job.


Chris said: “The brace works by taking the pressure away from the area of the knee that has the most arthritis. I have been very impressed with the effect the brace has had. By using exercise to reinforce the improvement and encourage the correct use of her leg muscles’.

Professor Paul Lee, an expert in Sports and Regenerative surgery, was also present during the fitting witnessed the patient’s ‘Unloader’ Moment.

The patient experienced an ‘Unloader Moment’, the instant reaction and benefit the patient feels from the Unloader brace, which was further proven through the use of a gait and pressure plate. The plate showed her gait had improved and she was able to put more weight through her affected leg once the brace had been fitted.

Tracy said: “It immediately felt better and after a week using it, the pain had almost gone.”

Since being fitted and using the brace, Tracy can walk pain-free and sleep comfortably.


Unloader Moments:

Reference: NICE clinical guideline and quality standard: Osteoarthritis final scope.


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