By: 13 March 2020
Biocomposites announces US launch of new STIMULAN® Rapid Cure 3cc product

Biocomposites, a medical device company that engineers, manufactures and markets products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue, recently announced the launch of STIMULAN® Rapid Cure 3cc. Designed specifically for smaller voids in foot and ankle, orthopaedic reconstruction and trauma procedures, this new addition expands the company’s US product portfolio for use in the presence of infection.  STIMULAN is already used in more than 50,000 cases every year and in thousands of hospitals around the world, including 2,000 hospitals in the US.

STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate, specifically designed to complement surgeons’ dead space management and can be used in infected and non-infected bone sites.  It offers unrivalled flexibility, precision and control in the broadest range of surgical applications.

STIMULAN Rapid Cure 3cc comes with a combination bead and bullet mat and offers the flexibility to mix and match to any void size whatever the shape, accessibility or size constraints.  It complements the STIMULAN Rapid Cure and STIMULAN Kit proprietary platform and further establishes and expands STIMULAN in the US, the world’s largest healthcare market.

Michael Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomposites, said: “Our goal is to develop and provide products that can significantly improve patient outcomes and decrease hospital readmissions. We are proud of our highly skilled team of experts who developed STIMULAN and the new mini STIMULAN Rapid Cure 3cc pack. These are exciting times for the company as we continue to expand our US product offering and increase our access to a larger segment of the US market.”

Stuart Miller, Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon said: “I have used STIMULAN for many years in my foot and ankle practice, as part of my treatment plans for infected cases.  The results can be transformative – leading to lower readmissions and happier patients.”

Scott T Ball, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, said: “STIMULAN is a valuable and effective product which I have used in infected cases for nearly 10 years. The addition of a 3cc pack size will allow me to use it in a wider range of procedures whilst reducing waste and cost to the hospital.”

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