By: 1 October 2020
PrecisionOS Partners with CONMED International following breakthrough in portable arthroscopy education using  virtual reality

PrecisionOS Technology announced recently the details of a breakthrough in basic and advanced fundamentals of arthroscopy training. The company has created the first-of-its-kind arthroscopy simulator available on a mobile, wireless device (Oculus Quest) which will also be used by CONMED International for surgeon education.

“Our partnership with CONMED International allows us to immediately expand globally on training surgeons on this complex procedure. Given the challenges of arthroscopic training, the need for a surgeon focused and patient-centered portable solution was very clear.” said Danny Goel, orthopaedic surgeon, founder and Chief Executive Officer, PrecisionOS. “Our company is thrilled to be able to offer this cutting-edge innovation to train surgeons on hip arthroscopy,”

The PrecisionOS method of VR simulation has proven superior to traditional approaches in a study published in the orthopaedic journal The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. In comparing traditional training methods with virtual reality, this research demonstrated how the PrecisionOS software enables surgeons to grasp procedural concepts significantly faster, while enhancing technical skill. That type of aptitude is especially important in arthroscopic surgery. For example, hip arthroscopy training has an extensive learning curve. Surgeons may require as many as 100 cases before becoming proficient which can take years to accomplish.

“It is exciting to see what’s possible with this new educational platform,” said Dr. Ayeni, a highly regarded hip arthroscopy surgeon who also serves as a Professor and Academic Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University. “So much time can be saved from the reduced need for directed intraoperative teaching of trainees or a reduction of costs associated with traditional cadaveric models. It’s going to be a substantial part of a surgeon’s skill development ‘tool kit’ in the future.”

In addition to improving efficiency and skill, PrecisionOS can provide hospital systems and learning centers with considerable financial relief. Because the modules are facilitated through a portable solution, the Oculus Quest, the training can be completed anywhere and at any time. Centers can also save on capital costs as arthroscopy training has always been an expensive and high-risk endeavor.

“Technology is evolving rapidly right now, more than ever before in history, and the time to embrace change from the status quo is upon us” said Richard McKillop, Vice President and General Manager, CONMED Latin America and Canada.

“This is a major milestone as the medical community continues to re-evaluate delivery of high-quality surgical education.” Dr. Goel said. “Adding arthroscopic surgery, allows us to offer the most comprehensive educational platform in virtual reality simulation in the market. This aligns with our mission of providing the gold standard in global orthopaedic education without geographical limitations. This is not only important to us, but to our new partner, CONMED International.

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