By: 19 January 2023
Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay welcomes Nick Sexton

Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay (OMG) have announced the addition of Dr. Nick Sexton, orthopaedic surgeon, to their practice.

Dr. Sexton, a Missouri native, comes to Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay (OMGTB) with over 10 years of experience. He began his education directly out of high school when he attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine’s six-year combined BA/MD program. During his time in medical school, he also worked to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army. Following medical school, Dr. Sexton completed his five-year surgical residency at Tripler Army Medical School in Hawaii and completed his subspecialty in orthopaedic sports medicine.

After residency, Dr. Sexton was stationed around the world working with U.S. and NATO forces as part of the 115th Combat Support Hospital in Afghanistan and Bassett Community Hospital in Alaska. During his time in the military, he gained valuable training and experience helping elite athletes, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. After separating from the military, Dr. Sexton moved to Oregon to begin private practice.

Dr. Sexton spent over 10 years working in Oregon as a sports medicine specialist helping athletes from area high schools, colleges and universities get back to playing sports after sustaining injuries involving the hip, knee, and shoulder. While he treats a variety of injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and tears, he specializes in the treatment of complex rotator cuff injuries.

Orthopaedic Medical Group is one of the fastest-growing orthopaedic practices in Florida. The company credits this growth to its continued focus on quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, and delivering excellent orthopaedic care. OMG is proud to have Dr. Nick Sexton join their group and help to continue providing quality care and excellent patient outcomes in the greater Tampa Bay Area.