By: 6 July 2023
New, improved resource for orthopaedic surgeons on complex hip reconstruction cases

A newly launched website is making it easier for surgeons and technologists to research and plan hip surgery, by drawing on the experiences of a leading team in the field. presents a highly searchable collection of case studies collected over the past 15 years by ‘Hip Detective’ Professor Alister Hart and a team of specialists.

A total of 39 online patient cases showcase complex operations in acetabular (pelvis) and femoral (thighbone) reconstruction. Procedures include both revision surgery to fix failed hip implants, and primary operations for complex hip diagnoses. Each case is given a numerical rating to indicate surgical complexity.

Professor Hart explains: “ has evolved out of our working experiences to become an educational resource. Over the years, we have incorporated new technologies in addressing complex hip problems.

“Today, I use 3D imaging to plan every operation. It means we can take on more complex cases with greater certainty of an excellent outcome. Using 3D printed models lets us assess the complexity before the operation, and 3D printed guides then allow us to position implants optimally. We can also use 3D printed implants when the shapes are complex and we need to minimise the removal of bone.

“Our ultimate aim with this resource is to help medics better understand the causes, treatment options and technology available to treat complex hip problems, to help them return patients to active and happy lives.”

Professor Hart has been a consultant orthopaedic hip surgeon since 2006 and in 2009 was nicknamed the “hip detective” by the BBC for his work on treating painful hip replacements. 90% of his NHS referrals are from other consultant orthopaedic surgeons. He also receives private referrals from GPs, physios and other surgeons.

The new Complex Hip Surgery site is optimised to be easy to find via search engines. The aim is for medical colleagues across the world to locate and refer to relevant work with ease.