By: 7 November 2023
Smith+Nephew opens new state-of-the-art surgical  innovation and training centre in Munich

Smith+Nephew, the global medical technology company specialising in orthopaedics, advanced wound management and sports medicine, has recently announced the opening of the purpose-built Smith+Nephew Academy Munich, a new centre for surgical innovation and training. 

S+N Academy Munich, situated in Kustermann Park in the heart of the city, will provide a central European hub for surgeons from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Surgeons and other healthcare specialists will learn the latest surgical techniques using the most advanced technology available, and practice surgical techniques using both hands-on and fully immersive digital interactive experiences. 

S+N Academy Munich is the latest addition to a global network of nine Academies, across three continents. At its peak, S+N Academy Munich is expected to train up to 5,000 global healthcare providers at the site each year. 

Additionally, S+N Academy Munich will also serve as a hub to connect healthcare professionals with its global marketing and research and development teams to test and validate new technologies. 

‘Our investment in S+N Academy Munich is part of a global commitment to drive innovation and learning in medical technology, creating an environment where the best healthcare providers can learn, collaborate, and innovate in order to meet the needs of their patients,’ said Cynthia Walker, Global Senior Vice President for Medical Education, Smith+Nephew. 

The ageing population, particularly in industrialised countries, has led to a growing demand for new technology and digital solutions to both improve outcomes and meet the cost-efficiencies demanded by value-oriented healthcare systems. Smith+Nephew is committed to ongoing investment in research and development to further our purpose of ensuring patients can live their Life Unlimited.  The new S+N Academy Munich is another major investment in the training and education of healthcare professionals.   

In 2023, we launched more than 20 new products in orthopaedics, sports medicine and wound care. The evolution of new technologies is allowing us to constantly realise, develop and implement what’s possible in healthcare, improving outcomes for patients and meeting the demands of health systems worldwide.’ said Kenneth Garcia, Senior Vice President & General Manager for Orthopaedics International, Smith+Nephew.