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Oxford psoriasis study looking for volunteers to help beat arthritis

Researchers at the University of Oxford are looking for 2000 volunteers with psoriasis to join their study. Their goal is to explore any links between the skin condition and the


Obesity turning arthritic joint cells into pro-inflammation ‘bad apples’

Being overweight may be physically changing the environment within people’s joints, as new research suggests that obesity is promoting pro-inflammatory conditions which worsen arthritis. In a new study published in


Regrowing knee cartilage with an electric kick

University of Connecticut (UConn) bioengineers successfully regrew cartilage in a rabbit’s knee, a promising hop toward healing joints in humans, they report in Science Translational Medicine. Arthritis is a common


Specific cell population plays a key role in the affect arthritis has on the body and the pain patients feel

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have led a study which has identified a new specific population of cells that plays a key role in the affect arthritis has on


Personalised 3D printed knee implant could help thousands of arthritis sufferers

Pioneering ‘printed metal’ procedure to create bespoke treatment for early knee osteoarthritis is set to be trialled in the UK following MHRA approval. A groundbreaking new treatment that uses 3D


Researcher in focus – W Benjamin Nowell

Benjamin Nowell, director of patient-centred research at the Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF), CreakyJoints® and principal investigator of ArthritisPower™ Patient-Powered Research Network with Shilpa Venkatachalam (GHLF), and Jeffrey Curtis, (University


Thuasne launches ActionReliever; first arthritis knee brace available prescribed by GPs

Thuasne – the global medical device manufacturer which has become recognised for its innovative solutions in medicine and digital technology – has announced the launch of the Thuasne ActionReliever; it


16-17 September 2020, 13th International Conference on Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders; Dubai

Postponed from April 2020: Osteoporosis 2020 takes immense pleasure in welcoming participants from across the globe to attend “13th International Conference on Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders” from September 16-17, 2020 in Dubai, UAE.


Hip replacement an excellent option for young juvenile arthritis patients

A new study by Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) researchers in New York has shown that total hip replacement is a viable option for juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients whose joints