By: 30 July 2020
Thuasne launches ActionReliever; first arthritis knee brace available prescribed by GPs

Thuasne – the global medical device manufacturer which has become recognised for its innovative solutions in medicine and digital technology – has announced the launch of the Thuasne ActionReliever; it is the first arthritis knee brace to be available from a GP on prescription.

At a time when elective knee surgeries are being delayed, it is anticipated that the device will be highly valued by many of the five million people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis in the UK; a figure which is set to grow to 8.3 million by 2035.

The Thuasne ActionReliever will act as a cost-effective solution which can bridge or delay surgery for patients with unicompartmental knee arthritis; alleviating pain while reducing the burden of cost.

Research has found that patients who wear dynamic off-loading braces similar to the Thuasne ActionReliever for at least two years did not need surgery at the eight years follow up stage. Evidence shows that this device can improve quality of life in patients, and reduce pain caused by the exertion of walking, while extending the distance which can be walked free of pain.

It is expected that the NHS will be one of the main beneficiaries from the ActionReliever being made available on prescription, allowing public money to be saved thanks to delayed surgery and the reduction of the need for knee replacement procedures. Thuasne have a team of clinical experts and orthotists who can assist and provide guidance, and support as required. In these uncertain times this can be provided remotely, to allow service delivery in a safe and efficient way.

Ben Austen, Thuasne’s UK Managing Director, said: “We are excited to be the first company to have a knee brace available on prescription for treating knee osteoarthritis. The brace has had 3 years of success being prescribed by hospitals and now that it is available to patients via their GP, we hope that many more will be able to benefit from the pain relief and potential for reducing or delaying knee replacement surgery.”.