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Patients gain access to innovative new procedure for treating knee osteoarthritis

HCA UK clinicians pledge to provide ‘added value’ to patients through detailed physical follow-up protocol to help chart progress Contura Orthopaedics Ltd has announced that a major hospital group has


Going straight to surgery is found to be better than undergoing rehabilitation first for longstanding anterior cruciate ligament injury

New research, funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), shows initial surgery to be more successful and cost effective than undergoing treatment with rehabilitation first to treat longstanding


6-7 October 2022, EKS Arthroplasty Conference 2022; Munich

One of the solutions to advance and increase our knowledge is to have a conference together. A meeting where we present our most recent ideas and concepts. Where we listen


New study aims to tackle knee pain for people with a removed meniscus

Patients with persistent knee pain after meniscus removal can now participate in the AIR2 study at three locations in The Netherlands. This study aims on pain relief and improvement of


Planned surgery in independent sector linked to shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions than in NHS

Findings consistent for 18 common planned elective surgery performed across England 2006-19. Planned (elective) surgery in an independent sector hospital in England, and funded by the NHS, is associated with


Why patient-focused innovation matters

Professor David Barrett, lead consultant at Southampton University Hospital and Professor of Orthopaedic Engineering, and one of the design surgeons for ATTUNE Knee System, discusses how innovation is improving the


High risk of serious complications during knee replacement when a tourniquet is used

The risk of developing serious complications following a knee replacement could be up to 73 per cent higher when a tourniquet is used, compared to surgery without a tourniquet. Serious


Come back strong with the DonJoy® X-ROM™ post-op knee brace

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE DJO®, a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, introduces the new DonJoy® X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace. Featuring DonJoy’s most advanced range of


Surgeon in Focus – William Barrett

Dr William Barrett is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon, who specialises in primary and revision hip and knee replacement at Valley Medical Center in Renton, WA in the USA.


New approach to treating osteoarthritis advances

Injections of a natural ‘energy’ molecule prompted regrowth of almost half of the cartilage lost with osteoarthritis and aging in knees, a new study in rodents shows. The study results