By: 9 November 2020
New London one-stop outpatient clinic marks future of orthopaedic healthcare

Orthopaedic service Total Orthopaedics celebrates the launch of its new London clinic on Queen Anne Street: a one-stop facility that aims to support patients from diagnosis through to recovery.

On 1st October 2020, as part of a new innovative one-stop approach, Total Orthopaedics celebrated the launch of its new outpatient facility at 45 Queen Anne Street with one goal in mind: to support patients through the entire process of orthopaedic treatment from diagnosis to recovery. Total Orthopaedics have long been a champion of the holistic approach and this new facility marks a continued dedication of the practice to “treat the whole patient,” not just the localised issue.

In a move that challenges the norm, the new clinic, which is located just off Harley Street, seeks to provide all non-surgical patient care onsite, from consultations and imaging scans right through to nutrition, and physiotherapy. This forms part of Total Orthopaedics “ongoing commitment to treat the whole patient,” the benefits of which are both various and profound and include:

  • Expert practitioners that work together to understand the root of the pain/condition
  • A faster treatment service thanks to a stream-lined approach
  • The opportunity for busy patients to get all their outpatient, pre and post-operation treatments in one place.Speaking at the launch, Mr Joyti Saksena, Consultant Hip & Knee Surgeon said: “Now more  than ever, patients are looking for safe, quick and convenient access to orthopaedic care. They are also interested in non-operative treatments like biological joint injections, which have been shown to prolong the need for surgery. Our Queen Anne Street clinic is the answer to this, with a consultant-led orthopaedic service complemented by experts in physiotherapy, osteopathy, lifestyle medicine, nutrition, acupuncture imaging and women’s health.“

    The treatments and facilities include:

    • Access to onsite Medical Imaging London where patients can book a consultation and imaging scan (3T MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray) on the same day as well as access cutting-edge treatments, including those performed under Ultrasound guidance.
    • Biological/regenerative injections – including Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
    • Acupuncture for musculoskeletal pain (back/neck, hip and knee), anxiety and insomnia
    • Physiotherapy through R&D Physio
    • Osteopathy: rehabilitation for pain, injury and post-surgery using a range of techniques including remedial massage, kinesio-taping
    • Nutrition: improving gut health, weight management, pregnancy and plant-based diets
    • Lifestyle Medicine: weight management, exercise and sleep advice
    • Women’s Health: management of heavy and painful periods, menopause, fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome

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Image: From left to right: Mr Peter Domos, Mr Rupen Dattani, Dr Imran Anwar, Mr Dimitrios Tsekes, Mr Rajiv Bajekal, Mr Joyti Saksena, Mr Bob Chatterjee, Mr Pinak Ray, Mr Harold Nwaboku