Cormet Precision Instruments

Corin has introduced third-generation Precision instrumentation for its Cormet Hip Resurfacing system. The unique SI jig is compact and extremely easy to use, allowing neck-centering to be carried out even through a small incision. The acetabular instruments are low-profile and offset for small incision use and the patented vacuum introducer simply uses available theatre suction to attach the cup securely to the introducer during impaction.

Many of the instruments are modular, reducing the number of instruments required. They are also colour-coded and intuitively presented.

We set out to produce the best hip resurfacing instruments available today, and surgeon feedback suggests that we have achieved that goal comments Corins Marketing Director, Iain Dunbar. These instruments make the procedure easier and quicker than with any previous instrumentation, and allow the surgeon complete flexibility in the choice of surgical approach.