PROMOS® Modular Shoulder System

The PROMOS Modular Shoulder System is a unique and innovative next generation shoulder system. The humeral components modularity, stepless inclination, and cementless fixation allow the surgeon to have greater intra-operative flexibility. The build-up of the modular components can be performed in situ, step-by-step, facilitating optimal anatomical reconstruction.

The patented design of the Inclination Set is truly unique and allows for freely adjustable positioning of the inclination angle. The cementless, dual-tapered stem promotes primary stability while the rectangular cross-sectional geometry promotes rotational stability.

There is excellent compatibility between individual components. The non-conforming humeral head and glenoid design optimises kinematics and permits rotational and translational movement of the head across the glenoid. The complete product range consists of 5 stem sizes, 3 body heights, Inclination Sets in 4 different neck lengths, 8 eccentric humeral head sizes and 12 glenoid components, 4 glenoid sizes and 3 radii for each size. Instrumentation was uniquely developed for PROMOS. It corresponds to the most modern, state-of-the-art technique for optimal implantation.