The well known and proven Synthes Solid Humeral Nailing system (UHN) now includes the options of the Proximal Humeral Nail (PHN) and of a range of Spiral Blades.

The choice of antegrade or retrogade insertion and the use of the compression device were key factors that made the Solid Humeral Nail the first choice for many surgeons. Antegrade insertion now offers a new choice: A locked Spiral Blade allows proximal locking in the humeral head with angular stability.

In combination with the UHN, the Spiral Blade allows the treatment of proximal fractures and offers an excellent purchase in the humeral head with minimal bone loss. The Spiral Blade is locked with a special end cap, creating a fixed angled construct. The Proximal Humeral Nail (PHN) is a shorter nail, specifically designed for the treatment of proximal humeral fractures, particularly surgical neck fractures. The PHN instrumentation includes an aiming arm permitting guided proximal and distal locking.

The PHN and the Spiral Blades make the Synthes UHN/PHN a most comprehensive humeral nailing system which is and will be the first choice for many surgeons.