Adaptable Revision Hip Solutions

Revisions now play an increasingly important role in THR as life expectancy increases. Elderly people expect good quality of life and thus undergo more medical treatments than their parents a generation ago.

The MODULAR-PLUS stem is a further treatment option for the revision of extensive bone defects. The stem consists of 2 components: a distal fixation module and a proximal stem-neck module connected with a multi-step conical taper and secured with a cylindrical screw. The wide range of combination options of the various proximal and distal modules allows the prosthesis to be adapted to meet the requirements of the individual bone stock and adjust to each patients specific anatomy. The MODULAR-PLUS completes the SL-PLUS and SLR-PLUS stem range used for the past 14 and 15 years respectively.

The non-cemented BOFOR cup is intended mainly as a revision device to replace a loosened primary socket. In exceptional cases, it may be used as a primary device to manage an extremely dysplastic acetabulum. Compared with other revision systems, the BOFOR design offers ease of implantation in viable bone without the need for major bone resection. The elongated socket comes in different lengths and diameters to provide an ideal match for the frequently encountered oval-shaped defects.