Wound Drainage Kits Provide Cost Effective Solution

Wound Drainage Kits from Redax have been designed to provide you, the clinicians, with a cost effective solution for your wound drainage needs from surgical trauma to complete wound healing in one simple kit.

Available through NHS Logistics, the kits comprise of either bellows or bulb reservoirs, together with drains, trocars, patient lines and collection bags, either tapless or tapped, as well as passive Robinson-Type Systems.

The kits are proving effective with surgeons and nurses, for a variety of cases such as:

Breast Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery, Neck Surgery, Gynaecological Surgery, Neurological Surgery Thyroid Surgery

Summit Medical has a wealth of wound drainage experience, having provided the Medinorm prevacuumed wound drainage bottles to both the NHS and Private hospitals for almost 20 years.