John Booker

UK Sales Manager, Orthodynamics Ltd

Q: When did you join Orthodynamics and where were you previously?

A: I joined the Orthodynamics team as Sales Manager in February 2007 after being the UK Sales Manager at Summit Medical. Over that past 25 years I have held senior sales & marketing roles at J&J, Zimmer, Biomet, Intavent Orthofix, and JRI.

Q: What do you think are the key reasons for your success?

A: There are a number of reasons but the key ones are. Providing the customer 100% commitment to servicing and supporting their aim to provide patient’s with the very best treatment available. The ability to offer added value through the provision of qualified and committed professionals capable of supporting the surgeon throughout the process.
The provision of excellent training and support facilities enabling the true clinical value of the devices to be realised by both patient and user.

Q: What is special about the ‘Custom’ service Orthodynamics provides?

A: I have worked for a number of companies that make custom products, but the custom service that Orthodynamics provides is second to none.
Led by Steve Meakins our Design Manager, our ‘customs’ department can design, manufacture, HA coat (if required), pack, sterilise and deliver a custom product within 10 working days of the surgeon’s approval of the drawings taken from the patients x-rays.
To ensure the ‘Custom’ process runs smoothly, our dedicated customer service team will discuss the surgeon’s initial requirements and then ensure deadlines are met by liaising with the hospital, our design team and the local territory manager.
Our ‘Custom’ service is available for the MAYDAY Arthrodesis Nail™, Cannulok® Plus, femoral resection prostheses, and long stem cemented for oncological application. It is an extremely quick and efficient service at extremely competitive prices.

Q: How will Orthodynamics be affected by future changes in the market place?

A: Our business is built on the foundation of flexibility, coupled with our products which offer solutions in the treatment of periprosthetic fracture, complex revisions, hemi-arthroplasty, and knee arthrodesis. I believe we are well placed to meet the requirements of this niche specialist market and with our extended Cannulok® Plus range we are working to offer this product into central European markets.