Surgicraft Launch NEW Surgilig™ Instrumentation

Surgicraft is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Surgilig instrumentation. A new smaller radius Tubular Introducer has been added to better accommodate the varying anatomy of the coracoid. For extra convenience, small fragment instruments have also been introduced to reduce the sterilisation expense associated with opening a separate small fragment set. All drills, taps and implants are sterile packed for full traceability.

Surgilig is a synthetic polyester ligament used in acromio-clavicular dislocation, Rockwood III, IV or V injuries, lateral clavicle fractures and failures of previous stabilisation procedures.

Features of the Surgilig Implant:

  • Excellent 1,730N tensile strength and stability.
  • Material designed to allow good soft tissue in-growth.
  • Maintains the coraco-acromial ligament.
  • Simple and reproducible surgical technique.
  • Early mobilisation.