Juliet Bentley

Business Development Manager, Premium Medical Protection

Q: What type of cover does PMP offer and why are there more fringe benefits than other insurance providers?

A: With PMP only offering insurance cover to those specialist established, private practice medical professionals, we are able to offer indemnity cover starting from 1 million pounds and, on an insured basis, not discretionary like some providers, meaning you have the legal right to a defence should a claim arise. We don’t aggregate all our policy holders together into one melting pot and come up with a figure based on he or she who earns most pays most. PMP provides 24 hour Medico-legal advice provided by lawyers who can answer your questions. We also address the requirements to be able to have a named dedicated account manager for each of our clients should they wish to speak to someone about their policy who has knowledge about their account and their business.

Q: What categories of surgeons does PMP ascertain as low risk?

A: Low risk categories that we cover are Orthopaedic (non spinal), cosmetic who are on the specialist register for plastics, Vascular, General surgeons and Anaesthetists.

Q: So the reason you offer much lower prices is based on a person’s individual risk assessment, but what happens if there is a claim?

A: The pathway of a claim is a phone call to our legal helpline lawyers who will fully support and defend you, allowing you to get back to your core business of being a medical professional.

Q: Who is behind PMP? Who are the premiums going to?

A: It is a trading style of CGD, registered with the Financial Services Authority 311135, a long established specialist insurance brokers. The premiums are going to A* rated insurers whose team of experts have over 20 years experience in the medical sector. Supported by the UK’s leading law firms, you can be assured that you will have the legal right to be represented by our highly successful and experienced defence lawyers.

Q: If you were to leave your current insurance provider and joined PMP and a claim arose from when you were with the other provider, who defends the client?

A: PMP provide Insurance on a claims made basis. If a claim arises that was during the time you were covered with your previous insurer and they have never been notified, PMP will defend you in this case.

Q: What happens if someone wanted to leave PMP after one year to go back to their previous insurer?

A: Any claims made, or notifications made to PMP during the time of cover will be defended after you terminate your policy with us.

Q: What is the quickest and most convenient way to find out more about what you do?

A: We absolutely recognise how busy medical professional are and as such this is the main reason why we employ account managers, professionals who are experienced in professional indemnity insurance to come along and speak with you face to face either as an individual or a group, or if you would prefer us to call you just pick up the phone. Our employed representatives are based local to your practice and are always on hand to assist.