Colleen Raccioppi

International Marketing Communications Manager Exactech, Exactech (UK) Ltd

Q: Who is Exactech?

A: Exactech is a fast-growing global innovator and orthopaedic device manufacturer founded by an orthopaedic surgeon and a biomedical engineer more than 25 years ago. Exactech exists to improve the quality of life for individuals by maintaining their activity and independence. We do this through innovative ideas, high-quality products, education and commitment to service. Patients in nearly 40 countries around the world now benefit from Exactech’s bone and joint restoration products, biologic solutions and surgical equipment.

Q: What made you want to work for Exactech?

A: I’m a fairly new addition to Exactech, joining the company in 2010 after a 10-year career in another industry. The company’s mission and values-based culture were strong draws for me. You can go to almost any organisation and see its values on the wall or in the elevator, but Exactech works very hard to ensure that we live our values on a daily basis. Contributing to Exactech’s purpose— to help people improve their quality of life and regain their independence if they’ve been injured or developed arthritic disease—is one of the reasons I love my job. I imagine this is the same reason orthopaedic surgeons enjoy going to work every day as well.

Q: What’s unique about your job?

A: Of course, manufacturing innovative implants and easy-to-use surgical instruments is critical, but I’m most excited about participating in Exactech’s focus on growing international business and developing technology to help surgeons do their jobs better. We are carefully managing our growth, strengthening our infrastructure and increasing our international presence. Exactech has doubled its employee numbers—with nearly 600 employees strategically located in nearly 10 global offices and distribution in 40 countries. Ever since the founders began Exactech, they have ascribed to a philosophy of empowerment and a belief in managing by values. I always feel empowered to use my talents and expertise to help grow the business.

Q: What is it like to work with nearly 10 global offices and 40 distributors worldwide?

A: In a word: wonderful. I am fortunate enough to do interesting work with nice people while improving lives for patients. In less than two years, I have collaborated with our international business partners to enhance our global brand continuity at congresses, to facilitate surgeon-to-surgeon training and sharing of best practices, to develop and promote our medical education programs, including didactic courses and surgical skills labs, and to create high-tech tools to help clinicians get better results. It is a pleasure to work with this talented, global team of employees who share a universal commitment to improving patient outcomes.

Q: How is Exactech using technology to improve lives for patients?

A: To meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, we’ve developed Exactech2go, a mobile app that gives surgeons the information they need to construct the best treatment option for each patient. Developed completely in-house by Exactech’s talented web team, this app allows clinicians or sales representatives to download electronic versions of technical support material that can be useful in pre-operative planning or even referencing during surgery, if needed.

Q: Why is Exactech2go important?

A: With instant access to operative techniques and product offerings, surgeons may select sizing and other personalised options to determine the right implant and surgical approach for each case—anytime, anywhere. Exactech2Go is available as a downloadable app for tablets (like the iPad) and smart phones, or it may be accessed from a desktop computer using the Google Chrome browser. Unique versions were developed for each global office, making this a valuable tool for our customers around the world. We design our instrumentation to be highly efficient and intuitive, and Exactech2go takes the extra step to make sure surgeons have answers at their fingertips. Operative techniques and videos demonstrate everything from exposure and bone preparation to instrument assembly and implant fixation guidelines to ensure that instrumentation is well-understood. Having fast access to clinical data within the app allows surgeons find the best solution to their clinical challenges.

Q: But orthopeadic implant manufacturers have been providing clinicians with operative techniques and brochures for years. How is this different?

A: Keeping printed materials current can be a challenge for even the most responsible product representative. Within Exactech2go, electronic brochures, reference papers, operative techniques and videos are updated automatically with the most current information, and they can be viewed with or without Internet access. Yes, most of these materials are available on our website, but many hospitals and operating theatres don’t have WiFi connections. Exactech2go makes use of the devices—smart phones and tablets— that surgeons are already comfortable with.

Q: So, there really is an app for everything these days?

A: It sure seems that way. The beauty of an app like Exactech2go is that once the material is downloaded, it stays locally within the device, can be accessed without a WiFi connection and updates instantly. Exactech2go puts into surgeons’ hands the information they need to make the best decisions for their patients, because improving the quality of life for individuals by maintaining their activity and independence is what Exactech is all about.

To obtain download instructions for this app in the UK, please contact Eric Astoin at Exactech UK Ltd on 01527 591555.