Matri™ BONE: Haemostatic and osteoconductive bone substitute matrix

Biom’Up, with R+D and commercial expertise in biomaterials, has developed two unique collagen based products for the orthopaedics market. Innovative and clinically proven they can be used in a wide variety of applications including hand, foot, spinal and trauma surgeries.

Matri™BONE, is a biphasic bone substitute with a resorbable collagen matrix containing a dispersion of HA and ß-TCP. Collagen ensures haemostasis at the time of implantation and provides cell architecture for osteoblasts colonisation. As the collagen breaks down, amino acids, nutrients for cells, are released. Trapped blood within the Matri™BONE matrix allows further colonisation of cells and growth factors, and there is simultaneous osteoblast activity using the ions released from the ß-TCP – precursors to guided bone regeneration (GBR).

Matri™BONE is easy to shape and cut and handles like a mouldable sponge. When hydrated Matri™BONE will swell slightly, which has two advantages – excellent bone apposition and the creation of space within the matrix for cellular infiltration. Biologically and physically for GBR it is the best of both worlds.