By: 13 March 2014

BONESUPPORT is a Scandinavian medical technology company dedicated to the development of injectable bone substitutes for orthopaedic trauma, bone infections and instrument augmentation related to orthopaedic surgery. In February, they announced the launch of a new registry to collect long-term data of Cerament |G, the first injectable antibiotic eluting, osteoconductive, ceramic bone substitute indicated to promote and protect bone healing being jeopardised by infection. The registry is part of the company’s Centre of Excellence expansion plan and aims to advance research, discovery and the development of improved treatment protocols for osteomyelitis.

“This registry will allow us to compare the outcomes of treatment strategies in a large group of patients who have previously been very difficult to study. Local antibiotic management of osteomyelitis is an attractive and valuable addition to current treatments and may offer greatly improved outcomes for the many people around the world who suffer from chronic bone infections”, said Martin McNally, lead Surgeon of the Bone Infection Unit at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford.

The Cerament |G registry will allow participating doctors the ability to collect, access and publish research results, both independently and collectively. Additional key features of the registry include:

  • All registry participant data is accessible through a unique identifier and offers the highest level of privacy protection.
  • An authorised and secure third party provider manages registry data in a single location.
  • Researchers using the registry can access current and past data, resulting in enhanced understanding of bone infection over the course of treatment and recovery.

“We believe Cerament |G offers significant potential to improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs and deliver a higher quality of life for patients suffering from chronic bone infections,” said Lloyd Diamond, CEO of BONESUPPORT. “This registry is an important milestone in our commitment to advance the standard of care for bone infections and we are proud to partner with researchers at the forefront of this condition.”

Osteomyelitis, or Bone Infection, is a $1.7 billion market where prolonged, long-term antibiotic therapy, multiple surgical interventions and the threat of amputation are the current standard of care. Rising prosthetic infections, diabetic ulcers, war injuries, high-energy trauma and sports injuries, as well as an increasing resistance to antibiotics contribute to this growing condition.

Junior editor at Fintech Intel