By: 5 August 2014

Titan SpineTitan Spine, a medical device surface technology company focused on developing innovative spinal interbody fusion implants, announced in June that it has expanded use of its Endoskeleton® line of interbody devices to the UK and Spain. John Sutcliffe, MD, founder of the London Spine Clinic, was the first to utilize Titan Spine’s innovative interbody fusion technology in the UK.

“I am pleased to initiate use of Titan Spine’s Endoskeleton TAS interbody device and its specialised surface treatment,” commented Mr Sutcliffe. “It is my belief that surface technology is the next significant innovation for spinal fusions due to the ability to affect a cellular response that promotes a more favourable osteogenic environment as compared to PEEK polymer implants.”

Titan’s Endoskeleton® interbody fusion devices feature the company’s proprietary implant surface technology, consisting of a unique combination of roughened topographies at the macro, micro, and cellular levels. The combination of surface textures has been shown to promote an enhanced osteogenic environment when compared to smooth titanium or PEEK. As a result, Titan Spine’s Endoskeleton implants actively participate in the fusion process and function more than standard interbody spacers.

Kevin Gemas, President for Titan Spine, said, “The growing demand and use of Titan products demonstrates the expanding recognition that our engineered surface technology can be used to promote an enhanced environment for bone growth and ultimately fusion. We look forward to continued adoption and building on this momentum to bring Endoskeleton devices to more physicians and patients throughout the European Union and beyond.”

Junior editor at Fintech Intel