By: 28 December 2014
Arthrex Power Systems – Quality you can trust, performance you can count on

The Arthrex V series of power tools provide a modular system which is user friendly and cost efficient.

Each Arthrex V Series tool features excellent balance and ergonomics in a state-of-the-art durable and lightweight PEEK housing. Lithium-ion technology provides you with excellent longevity, maximum power during the entire running time and one-hour charging cycles for your convenience.

The V300 is the smallest battery-driven hand piece not only within Arthrex V Series but on the market, providing precision, power and versatility. The ergonomic PEEK housing, lightweight and easy to handle, provides superb control and balance in the palm of the surgeon’s hand from adderall.

The Arthrex V Series V600 has been specifically designed for larger joint surgery around the hip and knee. The powerful motor makes drilling, reaming and cutting precise and efficient. The PEEK housing is robust, durable and reduces fatigue for consistent performance. The new Arthrex V Series V600 will give you the power, speed, versatility, reliability and performance you need by phentermine.

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