By: 28 December 2014
Dealing with failed or painful hip replacement

This issue’s reviews were written by Firas Arnaout, Specialty Doctor in Trauma and Orthopaedics at Worcester Royal Hospital

Dealing with failed or painful hip replacement

This book is designed for surgeons who are beginning to more commonly encounter hip revisions in their practice. It is intended to guide the surgeons through how to deal with the difficult and challenging cases of failed or painful total hip replacement.

The number of revision cases is increasing exponentially, making it essential for surgeons to learn how to tackle this operation competently.

The book comes in hard cover format and is 250 pages long, divided into 13 chapters to cover: evaluation of painful total hip replacement; modes of failure; preoperative planning; surgical exposure; reconstruction options of acetabulum and femur; management of infection; and periprosthetic fractures.

The concise neat presentation of this material makes it an essential tool to accompany any hip surgeon.

Fundamentals of revision hip arthroplasty: Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment

Authors: David J. Jacofsky & Anthony K. HedleyPublisher: SLACK Incorporated

Price: £105

ISBN: 978-1-5564295-2-1