By: 20 January 2015
2014 Tribology Gold Medal goes to Professor Gwidon Stachowiak

2014 Tribology Gold Medal goes to Professor Gwidon Stachowiak

The World’s Highest Award in Tribology, the Science of Friction and Wear, the Tribology Gold Medal for 2014, has been conferred on Professor Gwidon Stachowiak in recognition of his outstanding contribution to tribology, in particular for his services to industrial tribology, biotribology and education.

Gwidon Stachowiak graduated in 1972 from Poznan University of Technology with a Masters degree in Science and Engineering which was followed by a PhD. In 1981 he obtained a DIC and his second PhD from Imperial College London.

In 1984 Professor Stachowiak established the first Tribology Laboratory in Western Australia. His research work focused on the tribological characteristics of advanced structural ceramics, of particular value to Australia’s mining and processing industries.

In the field of bio-tribology Professor Stachowiak and his team found a direct link between the shape of wear particles in synovial joints and severity of osteoarthritis. This led to the development of new computer-based image processing and classification methods for trabecular bone textures in X-ray images of the knee joints.

Novel image processing methods developed under Professor Stachowiak’s leadership allow the prediction of the onset of osteoarthritis from x-ray images of the joints.

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