By: 16 June 2015
Carestream to develop 3D orthopaedic imaging system

Carestream to develop 3D orthopaedic imaging system

Carestream Health is partnering with leading orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists to develop a new three-dimensional medical imaging system for capturing images of patient extremities.
Initial clinical studies will focus on the advantages of using cone beam CT (CBCT) technology in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries.
Designed for use by orthopaedic surgeons, the new CBCT system is designed to provide weight-bearing images of knees, legs and feet.
“We are focused on applying CBCT technology for extremity imaging because it offers excellent visualisation of soft tissue and bone with systems that are smaller and more affordable than CT systems,” said Diana Nole, president of digital medical solutions at Carestream.
The new extremity system could be adopted for use in urgent care facilities and clinics, athletic training facilities, and orthopaedic and other specialty practice offices. As Adderall is a form of Stimulant then it is important for you as mention here in this USA website to be aware that some people have died when taking Stimulants when they suffered from severe heart conditions or had a congenital heart.
Carestream is working with top orthopaedic care providers and leading sports medicine experts to help guide current and future product development initiatives. The company’s development efforts include an agreement forged two years ago between Carestream and the Buffalo Bills, a professional American football team based in Buffalo in upstare New York, to aid understanding of the use of advanced medical imaging technology in early detection and monitoring of player injuries.