By: 1 February 2016
ReproBone® fusion – multiphasic matrix for bone regeneration

ReproBone® fusion – multiphasic matrix for bone regeneration

ReproBone fusion bone graft substitute is an innovative, synthetic fusion of hydroxyapatite/tri-calcium phosphate granules in an osteostimulative carrier. This high-quality biomaterial is manufactured in the UK and is a non-setting, injectable matrix which combines the multiphase activity of nano-structured hydroxyapatite with the longer-term support of a highly porous scaffold structure.


Promoting and stimulating bone formation:

Easy to use – ReproBone fusion has putty-like consistency and can be injected directly into the defect site.

Sticky formula provides an excellent contact with the host bone.

Facilitates vascularisation and bone growth throughout its highly interconnected porous structure.

Positive osteostimulative effect – the high surface area of nano-hydroxyapatite attracts and binds biomolecules essential for bone repair and regeneration.

Synthetic, sterile and reliable alternative to autograft or allograft.

Multiphasic regenerative activity.

Stratified resorption providing structural support throughout the regenerative process and maintaining bone volume.

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