By: 28 March 2016
First decellularised tendons implanted at Barcelona hospital

First decellularised tendons implanted at Barcelona hospital

Tissue Regenix Ltd, the regenerative medical device company, is pleased to announce that two patients have received the first OrthoPure™ XT decellularised tendons using Tissue Regenix patented dCELL® technology. The surgery was part of a clinical safety study by Tissue Regenix which is being conducted to secure a CE mark to enable the launch of OrthoPure XT in the EU in 2017.

Orthopaedic surgeon Gabriel Oliver performed the procedures at the Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona in December. Both patients had ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while participating in recreational sports: the first was a 31-year-old male injured while playing football; the second, a 32-year-old female, sustained injuries skiing.

Oliver was able to replace the damaged ACL with Tissue Regenix’s decellularised tissue, in a ‘like for like’ repair.

Peter Hamer, commercial director of orthopaedics at Tissue Regenix, commented: “The beginning of the OrthoPure XT clinical trial is the next step towards securing regulatory approval to launch in 2017. The main surgical options for this type of injury are currently limited to taking tissue from the patient, human donor material and, to a much lesser extent, using synthetics. An ‘off the shelf’ biologic replacement would represent a significant step forward in this type of surgery.”