By: 12 August 2016

Course overview

What will I learn?
During the Leeds Orthopaedic Biomechanics short course in Leeds, you’ll gain an understanding of the necessary fundamentals of biomechanics and how they’re applied to solve problems in orthopaedics. The course will integrate the engineering and medical approaches to orthopaedic problems.

How will I benefit?
The Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (iMBE) is one of the world’s top 10 bioengineering research institutes. This course is part of the Medical Engineering postgraduate provision. This course together with additional teaching and learning activities may be used as credits towards a higher degree such as an MSc or PGDip.

Course structure

Day 1

  • Materials in orthopaedics
  • Engineering fundamentals
  • Biological responses in orthopaedics
  • The normal synovial joint and introduction to OA
  • Fracture and fracture fixation
  • Metal on polyethylene total hip replacements
  • Understanding failure of total hip replacements
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic interface
  • Metal-on-metal total hip and surface replacements
  • Wear and osteolysis.

Day 2

  • Philosophy of uncemented stems
  • Biomechanics of the hip, an engineer’s perspective
  • Gait analysis
  • Polyethylene wear in total knee arthroplasty
  • Clinical biomechanics of the knee
  • Total knee replacement, a clinical perspective
  • Basic spinal biomechanics
  • Mechanics of spinal trauma
  • Biomechanics of compression fracture and vertebroplasty
  • Clinical biomechanics of fusion surgery
  • Shoulder and elbow biomechanics.


Dates: 12 December 2016 – 13 December 2016

Duration: Two days

Fees: £495

Venue: University of Leeds

Contact: Jo Robinson + 44 (0)113 343 8104/2494

CPD Conference and Events Unit
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Leeds,