By: 30 August 2016
The CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System – Affordable, pristine 3D imaging for weight-bearing studies

The CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System is designed to provide high-resolution 3D volumetric imaging of extremities at the point of care, with an easy-open bore and step-in patient access to allow weight-bearing studies. It allows upper and lower extremity 3D exams, providing high-resolution isotropic 3D images with advanced metal and scatter correction algorithms and reduced noise via algorithmic iterative reconstruction techniques, all with a reduced dose compared to conventional CT systems.

A simplified user interface guides the user through the exam with dual operator controls on each side of the system for fine positioning and the system allows for easy interoperability in a DICOM supported environment.

Site requirements are low and the system’s small footprint means it can be installed at the most convenient location for patient imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit. The OnSight system will typically not require a large shielded room and plugs into a standard power supply.*

*Pending 510(k) Clearance

*Not available for commercial sale in the EU until compliant with 93/42/EEC




T: +44 (0) 1442 838821