By: 15 January 2018
Arthrex product features

Ramp Lesion Repair

The ramp lesion is a disruption of the menisco-tibial ligament and the posterior-medial meniscus in the meniscocapsular zone. The lesion is commonly associated with ACL injuries and often difficult to visualise and, as such, can occasionally be missed. A disruption of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus could lead to excessive forces within the knee joint and surrounding structures. Research suggests this occurs in 17 per cent of ACL ruptures, and of those over 40 per cent are undiagnosed. Through using the QuickPass™ SutureLasso™ the suture passer is pre-loaded with a #2-0 FiberStick™ suture. It is possible to repair this lesion through a postero-medial portal under direct vision, resulting in a safe and secure repair. This lasso has been designed specifically for this indication and is offered with either a left or right 25° curve and a 1.5mm tip.


Ankle Fusion System

The Arthrex ankle fusion system is a comprehensive solution for ankle fusion management, suitable for both primary and revision procedures. The system offers anatomical plates for anterior, lateral and posterior approaches. TT (tibiotalar joint) and TTC (tibiotalocalcaneal) options are present.  Superior talus fixation and numerous compression options are integrated within the plates. The 4.5mm locking, non-locking and 5.5mm cancellous screws are utilised with the plate while 6.7mm low profile screws are designed with reduced profile screw head and deeper threads specifically for foot and ankle surgery. These decrease metal work prominence and increase bone purchase, and are utilised independently of the plate. Specific instrumentation for joint preparation is also included making the Arthrex ankle fusion system the “go to” for ankle fusions.


Superior Capsular Reconstruction – Minimally invasive treatment of previously irreparable cuffs

The Arthrex Superior Capsular Reconstruction technique was developed with design surgeon Tiru Mihata (patents pending). The technique addresses irreparable supraspinatus tears by reconstruction of the superior capsule utilising the ArthroFlex® graft. The Arthroflex 3.5mm graft is twice the thickness of traditional dermal allografts, developed specifically for SCR with over 10,000 SCR cases worldwide since 2013. The technique involves placement of three knotless SutureTak® anchors on the superior glenoid and FiberTape® loaded BioComposite SwiveLock® anchors spanning the margin of the tuberosity. Graft measurement is performed with the SCR probe before graft introduction through the 12mm SCR PassPort cannula utilising an all knotless pulley technique. The SL Scorpion® suture passer is used to complete the repair with a SpeedBridge® construct laterally and side to side sutures to the infraspinatus with SutureTapeTM. The final construct recenters the humeral head, balances the force couples and allows the shoulder to function with greatly reduced pain.


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