By: 21 December 2018
ArthrexLive educational events ‘InSpire’ delegates in Manchester


This autumn, the new flagship Spire Manchester hospital hosted an outstanding series of ArthrexLive educational events. 

Over three consecutive Fridays close to200 attendees witnessed 10 cadaveric demonstrations, two live surgeries, one re-live surgery, a MobileLab hands-on workshop, hot topic discussions and numerous didactic lectures.

The SpireManchester Education Centre boasts a stunning Sky Lounge with balcony views of the Manchester skyline, alongside a state-of-the-art auditorium linked to the integrated Arthrex Synergy 4K Operating Theatres. This partnership with Arthrex enabled delegates to witness three days of packed educational content dedicated to soft tissue foot and ankle surgery (21 September), multi-ligament knee surgery (28 September) and finally, essential shoulder arthroscopy techniques(5 October).

The Foot andAnkle day was hosted by Mr Tim Clough and Mr Mike Karski (Spire Manchester& Wrightington Hospitals). Mr Adam Budgen (York) started the day with a talk on Syndesmotic injuries, followed by a Live Demonstration of the Arthrex Syndesmosis TightRope technique. The demonstration was expertly performed aboard the new Arthrex UK Solar Powered MobileLab parked directly adjacent to the Education Centre. Rhys Thomas (Cardiff) and Tim Clough then discussed lateral and deltoid ligament injuries respectively, prior to Mr Thomas performing an impressive live demonstration of how a Brostrum procedure can be augmented with an InternalBrace to protect the repair and allow more rapid return to sport.

Lunch was followed by further discussions on Achilles ruptures and a great demonstration of an Achilles repair by John McKinley (Edinburgh) and Rhys Thomas. Mr Dave Townshend (Newcastle) gave an outstanding talk on Lisfranc injuries prior to MrJames Stanley’s (York) compelling and persuasive talk on plantar plate repair,followed by a masterful live demonstration to wrap up the day.

The Knee day was hosted by Mr Rob Gilbert (Spire Manchester and Wrightington Hospitals).Professor Andreas Imhoff (Munich, Germany) started the day with a keynote talk on primary repair and internal bracing in multi-ligament knee injuries followed by a live demonstration of a posterior cruciate ligament repair withInternalBrace. Mr Pete Thompson (Coventry) discussed decision-making in multi-ligament injuries and gave a great live demonstration of a PLC repair.Course convener Rob Gilbert discussed managing MCL injuries, and overseas special guest faculty Dr Tom DeBeradinio (San Antonio, USA) gave a wonderful talk on lateral and posterior-lateral corner injuries.

These talks were followed by rehab guidance from clinical specialist physiotherapistsJo Armstrong and Dan Wright (Wrightington). Mr Gilbert and Dr DeBeradinio then performed expert live demonstrations of the techniques covered in their talks,enabling tips and tricks to be shared. Pete Gallacher from Oswestry then shared his experience with PCL techniques and management before Mr Henry Atkinson(London) completed the course with a great talk on internal bracing techniques for quads and patella tendon repair before a smooth live demonstration of both techniques.

The Shoulder Essentials Day was hosted by Mr Mike Walton (Spire Manchester and Wrightington Hospitals). Professor Len Funk gave the opening talk on PatientPathology followed by Mr Puneet Monga (both Wrightington) on Capital Equipment,while Mike Walton expertly covered essential aspects of patient positioning andMatt Kent (Liverpool) covered shoulder anatomy and normal variants. The firstLive Surgery of the day was a posterior stabilisation with PushLocks and LabralTape performed by convenor Mike Walton in the lateral decubitus position.Mr Walton demonstrated the benefits of performing the procedure in this position, alongside a fast and secure repair with the PushLock anchor system. 

The afternoon session began with a re-live surgery of an instability repair by Professor Len Funk before discussion moved on to rotator cuff with controversies of sub acromial decompression (Matt Kent), indications for rotator cuff repair (Barnes Morgan, Stockport) and sub scapularis repair (Puneet Monga). Mr Matt Ravenscroft (Stockport) then performed a live surgery of a large rotator cuff tear fixing the infraspinatus with a maximally vented 4.75mmCorkscrew FT anchor and the supraspinatus tear with the Arthrex SpeedBridge technique. The final talk of the ArthrexLive series was a compelling and honest review of biceps tenotomy and tenodesis by convener Mike Walton.

Each event was awarded 6 BOA credits for CPD purposes and, as the lights went down and theMobileLab rumbled into the distance, a landmark series of educational initiatives was completed.

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