By: 3 October 2019
Arthrex product features


The NanoScope operative arthroscopy imaging system is the first medical-grade, three-in-one, single-use camera system. The chip-on-tip NanoScope system combines the latest technology in 1mm imaging sensors, LED lighting, image management, and OR integration with an intuitive touchscreen tablet control. The NanoScope system provides an alternative to MRI imaging and second-look arthroscopy, and offers precise, direct image-guided visualisation of injections. 

Arthrex helped to pioneer operative arthroscopy and is once again at the forefront with nano-operative arthroscopy. The minimally invasive patient experience and unlimited atraumatic access to joint spaces make the NanoScope and Nano arthroscopy instrumentation the tools of choice for instant diagnostic imaging and less invasive arthroscopy procedures.

Ramp lesion repair

The ramp lesion is a disruption of the menisco-tibial ligament and the posterior-medial meniscus in the meniscocapsular zone. The lesion is commonly associated with ACL injuries and often difficult to visualise and, as such, can occasionally be missed. A disruption of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus could lead to excessive forces within the knee joint and surrounding structures. Research suggests this occurs in 17 per cent of ACL ruptures, and of those over 40 per cent are undiagnosed. The QuickPass™ SutureLasso™  suture passer is pre-loaded with a #2-0 FiberStick™ suture. It is possible to repair this lesion through a postero-medial portal under direct vision, resulting in a safe and secure repair. This lasso has been designed specifically for this indication and is offered with either a left or right 25° curve and a 1.5mm tip.

DynaNite Nitinol Staple

The DynaNite Nitinol staple is a low-profile implant that provides exceptional compressive fixation with easy-to-use instrumentation. The Arthrex DynaNite Nitinol staple is intended to be used for fixation procedures such as LisFranc arthrodesis, monocortical or bicortical osteotomies in the forefoot, first metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis, Akin osteotomy, midfoot and hindfoot arthrodeses or osteotomies, osteotomies for hallux valgus treatment (scarf and chevron), and arthrodesis of the metatarsocuneiform joint to reposition and stabilise metatarsus primus varus.

Knotless FiberTak

The Knotless FiberTak soft anchor uses the same tensionable knotless mechanism as the Knotless SutureTak® anchor but with the advantages of a soft anchor. Curved and straight guide delivery systems are available with 1.8 mm drills, making this the smallest knotless anchor on the market.

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