By: 11 October 2019
Medical education with Arthrex

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Medical education has always been the beating heart of the Arthrex spirit for innovation

Central to this unique dedication to education, Arthrex remains privately held without external investors, which allows us to invest in medical education without the constraints of being answerable to shareholders. This structure allows Arthrex to evaluate new technology and ideas that place medical significance above economic considerations, always with an unrivalled passion for Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients BetterTM.

Arthrex is committed to providing dynamic medical education to our surgeon partners at every stage of their professional careers. In addition, due to the revolutionary nature of arthroscopic surgery, education for theatre nurses and surgical care practitioners has also been critical since Arthrex’s inception in 1981.

Mobile Surgical Skills Lab

In 2012, Arthrex introduced the award-winning Mobile Surgical Skills Lab to enable on-site, bespoke training of surgeons and theatre teams. In 2019, Arthrex Ltd invested further in education with a UK specific MobileLab to provide the potential for training throughout the year for surgical teams, demonstrating their commitment to bring medical education to your doorstep.

The Futures Registrar Training Programme provides dedicated and locally delivered one-day registrar (ST5-8) courses in partnership with our consultant surgeon colleagues throughout the UK. The courses focus on state-of-the-art least invasive orthopaedic techniques for core specialities including knee, shoulder and foot and ankle surgery.

The SCRUBS Theatre Staff Training Courses have been developed to provide bespoke training to an individual hospital and theatre team’s specific requirements based on the techniques, instruments and implants they currently use. For
any hospital partnering with Arthrex the MobileLab can provide
a la carte, on-site training for your team, at your convenience.

The MobileLab features two arthroscopic and one open work station and is fully equipped for training on all of Arthrex’s core techniques. Arthrex medical education staff will be available to facilitate the training alongside senior members of the surgical team from your hospital or trust.

For further information, please contact your local Arthrex representative.