By: 13 April 2020
The Regenerative Clinic announces MSK Fellowships

The Regenerative Clinic has announced the call for applicants for its new trainee and visiting fellowships based at its headquarters in Harley Street, London.

The Regenerative Clinic uses a variety of rejuvenating treatments for healing, pain relief and rejuvenation of joints and other tissues to restore function and mobility.

Fellowships will be offered in three specialist areas: regenerative medicine; musculoskeletal medicine and MSK ultrasound; and ultrasound guided MSK interventions.

The new programme will be overseen by course directors, Mr Suresh Sudula, Consultant Physiotherapist in MSK Ultrasound, and MSK Medicine, and Mr Ali Noorani, Founder and Upper Limb lead Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Mr Sudula, Director of Education & Training of Regenerative Clinic says: “This is an incredible opportunity for clinicians around the globe with relevant specialities to get practical experience in what is one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs right now. We are collecting vast amounts of data on the thousands of patients we are treating and using this to refine and improve treatments, to create entirely new patient pathways for increased mobility and pain reduction. We look forward to welcoming talent into our energetic clinic environment to continue to pioneer these regenerative treatments.

“The primary focus for the fellowship will be to provide mentoring for those clinicians who wish to develop advanced skills in regenerative medicine and MSK ultrasound. Clinicians will have the opportunity to observe and carry out physical examinations of patients before performing diagnostic MSK scanning. Where appropriate, they may perform a limited number of US-guided interventions under the supervision of a MSK consultants. Clinicians will explore the full scanning protocols. Clinicians will be set advanced learning objectives and also have opportunity to attend cadaveric masterclass. Further details of which can be obtained via the clinic. Fellowships are designed to cater to the individual clinician’s needs and requirements depending on their speciality.”

The Regenerative Clinic has pioneered rejuvenating therapies and orthobiologics around the world, providing treatment for healing, pain relief and rejuvenation of joints and other tissues to restore mobility and function. The Clinic is led by Professor Adrian Wilson and his team of specialist Harley Street consultants, each one an expert in their own field (orthopaedic, radiology, gynaecological, spine, maxillofacial and cosmetic).

For more information and to apply, visit: